SimplyUnlimited was a moderator of Godz Games, and the creator of the Godz Games Wikia. He

SimplyUnlimited in 2015

joined Godz Games in an estimate of early 2014, and began moderating in March 2015. He was demoted after mods were no longer needed.


SimplyUnlimited joined under the username "guy890007" on March 7th, 2011, and he was the noobiest noob you've ever seen in your entire life. He didn't know how to jump, or climb ladders. He didn't even know free chat existed and thought everyone communicated by safe chat, and, while he didn't do it, he assumed online dating was not against the rules because he had seen it so often whenever he played games.

Over a couple of months, SimplyUnlimited started to learn the ropes of Roblox and became a pretty experienced player.

Eventually, he became friends with a user called CollinNebraska2. They were pretty close, but over the years, they began to drift apart, until SimplyUnlimited began getting into game-developing and CollinNebraska2 got into war clans. 

While working on a bigger project, SimplyUnlimited threw together a free-modeled game titled, "Justin Bieber: The Return and Escape." While playing it with a friend, many people began joining, filling up five pages of servers and landing Simply's game on the third page.

While Simply's cruddy game continued to gain popularity, he got into filmmaking, and bought Sony Vegas to edit his movies. He made dozens of Roblox films in that time period.

After many months, Justin Bieber: The Return and Escape didn't appeal to Simply anymore, and he eventually kicked it off his page, and he began designing a bigger and better Justin Bieber game, but eventually trashed the whole series altogether.

Godz Games (2014-2015)Edit

SimplyUnlimited joined Godz Games in early 2014, after seeing one of their games on the personal server page.  He played in many of the games, but whenever it got down to the finals, he would flop somehow and lose the whole thing. This went on until late 2014, when he finally won Total Drama Island: All Stars.

Simply's interest in the group died until around Feburary 2015, when he got more active in the games. In March, he learned of the new moderator applications and applied. A couple of days later, he was notified he got the job.

Simply has contributed the most as a moderator in the history of the group, and was awarded admin in all Godz Games places for his contributions.

Simply's playability in the games decreased, and he spent most of his time on Godz Games devoted to keeping the group wall in check. When he did hop onto a game, though, he usually got into the Finals or Semi-finals.

Simply left the group in December 2015 after changing his username to "s9i," but rejoined later. He rarely plays games but continues to remain in the group as a Contestant.