The Reason I joined Edit

In 2013 my Cousin once said that this cool place called Roblox is better then Minecraft, I declined. Then, He showed me it and I was AMAZED seeing all those games shocked me. I soon played and it was extremely Fun. I then accepted that it was better then Minecraft and Created my own account but it wasn't Manlybob1.

My First account Edit

In 2013 I created an account called Gamer (I don't remember the numbers) I would Call myself a Noob Doing Safechat, not having much Friends, etc:. I soon cancelled my account because of safechat reasons. After I lied by saying I was 13, my Last account was made!

The Creation of Manlybob1 and My Best Friend Edit

Also in 2013 I created Manlybob1, The person you know today! I was getting better at the controls, getting way more friends (Because of not having SafeChat), Learning more about groups, etc: And met one of my best friends LittlePigu! We met In Bloxxie Tooie and has been best friends since.

My First Group Edit

My 1st group was called Total Drama Derrick Edition The people and the host were HORRIBLE! They always vote me off even though I wasn't last on the challenges, they just flat out hate me! I was voted out 1st every time on the group, even when I was Given a second chance. Everyone in the group either hated me or doesn't care about me then I left this group when I found an awesome Group called Godz Games.

Godz Games and Friends Edit

I joined Godz Games in Late 2014. It didnt go so smooth in the 1st month or so when people voted me off for being a Noob to the group. Then, I actually found Friends in this group and we made alliances and I wasnt last all the time (Thankfully). I found alot of Friends (Vid,Cake,CieIic, etc:) But especially my second best Friend GiantSmash101! We met in either Late 2014 or Early 2015 and is still my best Friend. I soon Won MN when people chose me to win, Obby King twice, Total Drama Island, and Hide N' Seek; Which makes me a Double Winner! :)