3SIK is a third generation host, known for the Community's negative take on his seasons. Edit

Robloxian Idol Occurrence Edit

At Robloxian Idol, 3SIK got angry at a contestant and cussed him out. After a backlash by the other contestants and admins, he left the game, forcing iRxgina to take over.

Endurance Occurrence Edit

During the Chasm, a contestant got on the bigger block instead of getting on the small one, therefore enabling him to not fall off the edge. The contestant won the Chasm and was put into the game. Contestants raged and spammed the group wall about how he was rigging, but 3SIK responded that he did not see him.

Contestants tried to get 3SIK demoted, but GodzGalaxy said that they did not have proof. A contestant replied, "50+ people saying that he rigged should be evidence enough," to which Godz responded that hosts are demoted because of multiple occurrences, not one mistake.

Early Career Edit

3SIK had his own Total Drama at one point in time but he has since then taken it off of his page.

Friends Edit

3SIK currently has 145 out of 200 friends on ROBLOX